Work-readiness training giving new apprentices a head-start

While we continue to see growth in the number of mature-aged apprentices and trainees, the majority of people undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship in NSW are aged between 15 and 24 years.

Hiring a young worker has many benefits, such as the ability to train them with industry-specific skills and bringing a fresh perspective to the table.

But it is important to be mindful that young workers, particularly those transitioning straight from school to work, are deemed to be one of the groups most at risk of harm in the workplace as a result of their lack of experience, maturity, awareness of workplace health and safety (WHS) and unfamiliarity with appropriate workplace behaviours.

With six fatalities in this age group during 2017, it is critical to provide young workers with adequate training and support to ensure they can contribute to a safe workplace.

When an apprentice is new to the workforce, they don’t always possess the skills to be able to do their job efficiently and safely, nor do they have an understanding of the types of hazards that exist within their industry.

To mitigate the risks of bringing new employees to the worksite without adequate training and safety awareness, HVTC offers a Work Skills Program for employers to ensure their new recruits are confident in their knowledge and ability, and ultimately ready for work.

Delivered through HVTC’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Hunter-V-Tec, the Work Skills Program provides mechanical and electrical apprentices with critical foundation skills related to their trade, such as hand & power tool operations, machining, grinding, electrical awareness, thermal cutting and welding. Participants can also take part in specialised training, such as first aid, operating a forklift and operating a boom-type elevating work platform.

HVTC Manager Human Resources & Safety, Executive, Janet Lee said the Work Skills Program was launched in collaboration with local industry to better prepare apprentices for the workplace.

“The Work Skills program takes the onus of introductory training away from employers and gives it to an RTO with specialised experience in training for trades,” she said.

“It gives employers peace of mind knowing their recruits will come to work with prior skills and experience in their trade and an understanding of appropriate workplace behaviour, which is particularly important in high-risk industries.

“For apprentices, the program acts as a stepping stone into the working environment, which can often be very daunting for a first-timer with little to no prior experience.

“We try to simulate a worksite as much as possible and provide apprentices with practical training that will help them start work with confidence and a foundation of knowledge and skills that they can continue to build upon throughout their apprenticeship.”

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Worker assisting with elevated work platform