Work Readiness Program brings out leader in aspiring mechanic

Joshua Magann was one of 38 students to recently graduate from the Central Coast Community College (RTO 90304) Work Readiness Program.

The 34-year-old is a first-year Mechanical-Fitter with HVTC and is hosted to Centennial Coal Myuna - an underground coal mine based in Lake Macquarie.

For the first six months of the year, Josh attended the HVTC Rutherford Skills Centre for the Work Readiness (WR) Program, which provides new apprentices with introductory trade skills, life skills and safety awareness to prepare them for the workforce. The experience however was a little different for Josh, who commenced as a mature-age apprentice with plenty of work experience under his belt.

"Prior to starting my apprenticeship I was a Trade Assistant in the mining industry for more than 5 years and then before that I worked in Emergency Services," he said.

"After so many years as a TA, I thought it was time to come over and do a trade."

Coming from roles that rely heavily on teamwork and collaboration, it's no surprise that Josh received the Teamwork Award at this year's WR Program graduation.

College Trainer Kevin Welton said Josh became a role model for the other apprentices, leading them through their projects.

"Josh previously worked as a supervisor so he knows how to pull a team together," Kevin said.

"He helped bind the apprentices together as one unit, so everyone did really well, but it also brought out some healthy competitiveness - everyone was trying to outdo one another to bring each other up.

"Josh was always respectful of everyone's abilities and with his knowledge and skills he always assisted others."

Josh will be back at the Skills Centre next month for a Fabrication course and then will be on site at Myuna for on-the-job training next month.

"I'm looking forward to getting into the swing of things and learning the trade," he said.

Male apprentice in orange high vis shirt with spectacles