Save time and study online: the benefits of e-learning

Gone are the days where the only way to learn was to sit in a classroom.

Today, the classroom has no bounds thanks to advents in modern technology, which allow us to complete a number of courses and qualifications anywhere and anytime (often from the comfort of our own homes).

E-learning has experienced rapid growth in Australia over the last five years because it offers what the traditional classroom setting cannot; flexibility and convenience. Notwithstanding the benefits of a traditional classroom environment, such as face-to-face communication with a teacher and interaction with fellow students, online study has its advantages too (apart from being able to stay at home in your pjs).

Study in your own time

We’ve already witnessed the ways in which the internet has revolutionised the retail sector, allowing customers the opportunity to purchase pretty much anything they want without having to leave the house. The same growth is now taking place within the education and training space, where many nationally recognised courses are available to users at the simple click of a button.

It’s no surprise that in today’s rat race we all lead incredibly busy lifestyles and it is becoming increasingly difficult to juggle work, study, family and social commitments. With e-learning, you can choose when you want to study, allowing you to continue earning a living or spend more time with friends and family. Tailor your education and training needs to fit in with your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Study where you want

Technology has already played an important role in bridging the gap in distance education, with faster speeds through the National Broadband Network (NBN) expected to drive further growth in the online education sector. Distance no longer has to be a barrier when choosing your preferred course or area of study.

And with many communities now implementing free Wi-Fi, you can (quite literally) study where you want, whether it be the local cafe, park or even the beach. You can practically transform any location into a classroom, as long as there's a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Save money (and the environment)

E-learning can be more cost effective than traditional in-class programs because there are less resources required in its delivery. Online modules replace the need for a teacher, while textbooks and other course materials can be accessed online, hence reducing the need to print unnecessary documents that are likely to end up as waste. You also save money on fuel by not having to travel anywhere to attend your course (which is good for the environment too).

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