International Women's Day - Phoebe Giadresco 

Meet Phoebe Giadresco, a first year electrical apprentice hosted by Liebherr-Australia.

Phoebe has been undergoing some work-readiness training at Hunter-V-Tec since January as part of our Work Skills Program (RTO NO. 90179).

Back in 2017, Phoebe started NEWSTEP in the hopes of pursuing a degree in Nutrition, but in the back of her mind she always wanted to do a trade.

“I realised that Uni wasn’t right for me. I like hands-on jobs and pulling things apart to see how they work,” she said.

After seeing an ad for a pre-apprenticeship program at HVTC and following the advice of her father – an experienced electrician, Phoebe decided to give it a go.

“The pre-apprenticeship definitely helped me get a job. Before the course I applied for a number of different apprenticeships but didn’t get any response. As soon as I added the pre-apprenticeship to my resume, I got several interviews.”

Another advantage of the pre-apprenticeship program was gaining credits towards her apprenticeship. Now instead of attending TAFE on Fridays, Phoebe is working on site at Liebherr-Australia’s Mt Thorley facility and is keen to start getting her hands dirty on some of their big dump trucks.

When asked if she had any advice for other women considering a trade, Phoebe said ‘don’t doubt yourself, and always try your hardest’.

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HVTC Hunter apprentice Phoebe Giadresco at the Rutherford Skills Centre