International Women's Day 2019 - Kayla Sin

Meet Kayla Sin, a first year electrical apprentice with Delta Electricity.

Kayla comes from a financial background having worked in the banking industry for four years, including a stint as branch 2IC (second in charge).

During school Kayla was pretty good at maths, so when she started looking into a career options there was a lot of synergy with the electrical trade.

Despite having no prior experience, Kayla thought she should give it a go while she was still young.

“I told myself if it didn’t work out I would always have my banking career to fall back on,” she said.

The 24-year-old said she still gets a lot of remarks from people when she tells them she’s doing an apprenticeship.

“It’s just stereotypes, but I know I’m more than capable of doing it,” she said.

Kayla is one of five female apprentices currently enrolled in our Work Readiness Program (RTO NO. 90179). She will spend six months training at our Skills Centre prior to commencing work on site with Delta later this year.

Kayla will be the only female electrician at the plant, but is looking forward to proving herself and has already set her sights on stepping up to a supervisory role in the future.

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Delta Electricity apprentice Kayla Sin getting work ready as part of HVTC