HVTC Trainee Secures Role with Service NSW

Rebecca Cresswell is a former HVTC trainee who completed her Cert III in Customer Engagement while hosted to Service NSW Auburn. Rebecca successfully completed her Customer Engagement traineeship in May 2021 and has recently told HVTC about her experiences and what she’s been up to since completing.

Why did you apply for the traineeship with HVTC and Service NSW?
This traineeship came at the perfect time for me, as I wanted to start a new career but was not too sure what I wanted to do at the time. I knew applying for a traineeship would allow me to figure out if the job was perfect for me, also providing me with new knowledge and experience in meeting new people. I knew if I worked hard enough at the end of the traineeship I would receive a Certificate III in Customer Engagement, which I found very beneficial as I could then use that anywhere.

Did the opportunity meet your expectations?
Yes, I would definitely say the course met my expectations and helped me to further my development and skills. Learning new things everyday about the job as well as meeting new people also helped to gain confidence.

What was a benefit of completing your traineeship?
I would definitely say stepping away with a Certificate III in Customer Engagement, as having that qualification could lead you to many things in the future, specially when most things in life require customer service skills. This qualification has made me a lot more confident in a way where I am able to speak up to customers.

What have you been doing since completing?
Since graduating my traineeship I have developed more skills within Service NSW, I was enrolled in training to become a floater, meaning to help my teammates process simple transactions such as transfers, checking demerits and many more. Recently I have also developed my skills by completing training to help on counter, once completed I will be able to start serving customers on counter. This will help me with getting a better understanding on what is required to process certain and harder transactions.

How did the relationship with HVTC support you in your traineeship?
HVTC honestly provides you with the best support. Even if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your boss about a certain issue, HVTC always makes sure you feel safe and protected and they are willing to help guide you through the experience as they know it can be challenging at times.

Would you recommend the traineeship pathways to others?
Yes 100%. I would recommend the traineeship to others, it is a great stepping-stone to lead you to many opportunities. You are able to learn a variety of things, meet new people and help you grow as a person whether it is to build confidence or even just develop more skills and knowledge.

What do you enjoy about working with Service NSW?
I honestly enjoy coming into work everyday, as everyone is so friendly and helpful and it feels like one big family. Everyone just wants the best for you and praise is always given when they can see how much you have developed your skills since the start.

What skills have you gained?
I would say I have developed a lot of new skills. I am now able to speak to customers, even when a customer is frustrated or angry, I am able to solve the problem and make the customer happy. I have trained over eleven new people and helped them develop their knowledge, I’ve done multiple training programs to float and counter as well as become an ambassador for Circle Of Service, which helps provide new ideas on how we can run the centre better for staff as well as customers.

How do you think your traineeship was beneficial either personally or professionally?
I believe the traineeship helped me in many ways. Personally, my confidence has had a boost, as I am now comfortable talking to new people, customers and teammates. I’ve also developed more knowledge which has led me to higher opportunities within the workplace in a short amount of time.

Trainee Rebecca Cresswell in Service NSW uniform