HVTC 40th Anniversary - Waylon Allen

Waylon Allen is a former HVTC plumbing apprentice who completed his training with HVTC and Host Employer, Gunnedah North West Plumbing, in February 2021.

Before commencing his plumbing apprenticeship in 2017, Waylon had spent 6 years working in real-estate, but eventually decided that it was time for a change. He had an underlying creativity and a passion for hands-on work, which led to his decision to pursue an apprenticeship in the plumbing industry.

“I wanted something hands-on and a bit creative, and for me plumbing fit that,” he said.

Waylon excelled in his RTO studies through Tamworth TAFE and attributes this success to having the ability to gain the practical knowledge from his work experience with Gunnedah North West Plumbing.

In 2019, Waylon overcame a serious back injury resulting from a previous injury that was aggravated due to the nature of his work in the plumbing trade. Waylon eventually underwent surgery in June 2019 and, after some time off and working on suitable duties, made a full recovery and got back into work.

“I was very well looked after, even after surgery. If not for HVTC, specifically Mary and Mel and the support of my Host Employer, I don’t think I would be plumbing anymore.”

Waylon has secured a permanent position with his Host Employer since completing his apprenticeship and recently reached out to HVTC to express his sincere appreciation for the support he received throughout his apprenticeship, especially from our Safety Advisor, Mary Wynands and Finance Officer, Morag McGuigan.

Waylon Allen