HVTC 40th Anniversary - Tristan Crocco

Tristan Crocco completed his Engineering Mechanical apprenticeship through HVTC 14 years ago and has remained in the industry ever since.

Initially, Tristan was interested in the automotive sides of things and wanted to gain experience in that field, but after gaining work experience in fitting & machining, he decided that this was the way he wanted to go.

“At the time I was playing with cars and engines, and finding a full time job was not easy. I also missed out on starting a pre-apprenticeship course in mechanics, so I took the advice of my parents and stated the next closest course which was fitting and machining. After doing my work experience while doing the course I decided that I enjoyed the work and that I wanted to do an apprenticeship.”

After a week of work experience with his Host Employer, Hamar Engineering (now under Klondu Group), Tristan was offered his Engineering Mechanical apprenticeship through HVTC.

“The biggest highlight for me was being asked to stay on with Klondu months prior to completing my apprenticeship, as the owner recognised my skills in the trade and my dedication to the business.”

Since then, Tristan has gained experience working across various positions with Klondu.

“After completing my apprenticeship, I stayed at Hamar as a tradesman for 2 years and progressed to the position of Foreman. I stayed in that position until 2012.

“Once Klondu acquired a larger workshop and site, I became the Machine Shop Team Leader and then Workshop Supervisor from the period of 2012 to the middle of 2017.

“In 2017 I moved into a Planning and Estimating role at Klondu, and I am still currently performing this role.”

Tristan believes that his apprenticeship offered security in earning a wage while completing studies to gain skills and experience.

“It’s beneficial in knowing that once you get the apprenticeship, as long as you apply yourself, you have 4 years of stability and steady income while doing something interesting to better prepare and plan for your future.”

Tristan Crocco