HVTC 40th Anniversary - Terrence Durbridge

In 2019, former HVTC Civil Construction apprentice, Terrence Durbridge, completed his training while hosted to Sutherland Shire Council.

After working in the hospitality industry for 11 years, Terry decided that it was time for a change and wanted to pursue a different career, which led him down the apprenticeship pathway.

“I’d had enough of hospitality and was looking for something new when I saw the Civil Construction apprenticeship with HVTC and Sutherland Shire Council came up.”

“Doing an apprenticeship really helped with learning life and technical skills not only for my job, but for work around the house and helping my mates. It was great to gain those life skills.”

Since completing his apprenticeship, Terry has continued to work with Sutherland Shire Council in various roles, including as a Labourer, and now, Leading Hand in Maintenance.

“I’m now the Leading Hand in Maintenance, but I’m also currently in the acting role of Construction Foreman. At the moment I’m in charge of the construction crew, so they report to me and I set them up with tasks for the day, make sure everything runs smoothly, and deal with the contractors on site to arrange deliveries and things like that.

“With Council, I’ve also completed a few further courses that were required for the different roles I’ve had here.”

Terry says that his apprenticeship with HVTC benefited him in his career and allowed him to gain a new career path in an industry he is interested in.

“Career-wise, an apprenticeship is a great stepping stone to get a foot in the door with a career and a company. It’s also helpful to work with a Host Employer where you can gain skills and training that looks good if a position pops up with them. Knowing the standards and the technical aspects of the job really helps with getting into full-time work after the apprenticeship.”

Terrence Durbridge