HVTC 40th Anniversary - Samantha Tindiglia

Samantha Tindiglia had a passion for early childhood education from a young age and decided to pursue this passion in her final years of school. After exploring her options of how to get into the industry, Samantha found the traineeship pathway and decided it was right for her.

“I struggled with school but wished to finish year 12, so with my mother and father’s assistance we discovered traineeships. After attending a career expo at my high school, this is where I discovered HVTC and went on the path of my learning.”

Samantha then went on to undertake a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education through a School-Based traineeship with HVTC and Care Ring Childcare Centre in Lismore, which she completed in 2014.

“Going through the traineeship pathway, I was able to fast track my career and learn more on the job with educators that have been in the industry for many years. They have taught me ways they have developed their learning for children, and I have incorporated this throughout my time in the field.

“The biggest highlight of my traineeship was travelling to Tasmania in 2014, going up against 7 other applicants in all of Australia, and being awarded National School-Based Trainee of the Year.”

After completing her School-Based traineeship with HVTC, Samantha continued to work with her Host Employer before moving to Sydney in 2017 to work in a day care centre. She then went on to work with older children to develop her career and is now working towards gaining her Diploma of School Age Education and Care.

“Today I am currently working with my local council in Sydney in a Team Leader position with a Before and After School Care centre.

“I would highly recommend this pathway to others, especially those who are also similar to me with schooling. This pathway encourages young adults to not only think about their career opportunities but also further their learning through hands-on training on-the-job and through their VET courses.”

Samantha Tindiglia