HVTC 40th Anniversary - Jordon Peterson

Jordon Peterson is a former Engineering Mechanical apprentice who completed his training with HVTC in February 2020 while hosted to Nestle in Smithtown.

Jordon has always had a passion for mechanics, as he grew up around trucks and loved learning about how things worked.

After finding out that he was dyslexic in Year 11, Jordon was drawn to the apprenticeship pathway as he found it easiest to learn in a practical environment. After commencing his apprenticeship in 2017, it was clear that it was the right pathway for him.

“I was glad to find a way that I could learn in a more hands-on environment and earn a wage while gaining experience in the industry at the same time. It’s not just like school or Uni where it’s all theory, and that was something I really enjoyed about the apprenticeship.”

Jordon found that throughout his apprenticeship, he consistently had the opportunity to progress and develop his skills and knowledge. After completing his Cert III Engineering Mechanical with HVTC, Jordon went on to pursue a Heavy Diesel apprenticeship, where he is currently further exploring his passion for the Mechanical industry.

Jordon’s achievements throughout his apprenticeship were acknowledged as he was named HVTC’s Highly Commended Apprentice of the Year at the 2020 Excellence Awards, as well as progressing to a state finalist level for Apprentice of the Year in the 2020 NSW Training Awards.

“I really enjoyed my apprenticeship and it opened up different pathways for me. Progressing as a state finalist for Apprentice of the Year was definitely a highlight, and I just want to thank the people that helped and guided me.”

Jordon is now an ambassador for Vocational Education and Training (VET) and hopes to continue being actively involved in the VET sector.

 Jordon Peterson