HVTC 40th Anniversary - Dragan Medic

17 years ago, Dragan Medic moved from war torn Serbia to Australia in the hopes of building a better life.

A few months later, in April 2005, Dragan was part of the first intake of trainees to commence a Certificate III in Scaffolding with HVTC and KJ Industrial Scaffolding. This program was established to create a customised scaffolding qualification focused on providing several skillsets, such as basic and intermediate scaffolding, dogging and rigging, whilst giving the trainees valuable work experience predominately in the local Illawarra region.

At the time Dragan was applying for several jobs, but the traineeship was the first thing that came up, so he jumped at the opportunity.

“I needed a job to earn money, but I also wanted to get some training so I thought the traineeship was a good opportunity,” he said.

“I thought I’d just start it and see where it takes me - and I haven’t looked back since. It has been a long journey.”

Dragan finished the traineeship in December 2006 and remains a valued member of the KJ team to this day. In that time, he has held a number of roles at KJ; from being on the tools as an experienced scaffolder and leading hand to his current role as supervisor. He has also worked on some exciting infrastructure projects, such as the Sydney Metro Project and the North Connex tunnel in Sydney.

“When a project is finished it’s nice to take a step back sometimes and see what you’ve been a part of,” Dragan said.

“I remember going through the North Connex when it was completed thinking ‘I was a part of this’ and it really gives you a feeling of satisfaction.”

Dragan Medic