HVTC 40th Anniversary - Brodie Quinn

After working as a barista for a couple of years, Brodie Quinn decided it was time for a change and undertook a Business Administration traineeship with HVTC, which she completed in 2017 while hosted to SAE Group in Tweed Heads.

Brodie wanted to get out of the hospitality industry and get a foot in the door in an administrative career. The administrative side of things appealed to her as she loves organisation and dealing with customers, so after doing some research, she eventually came across the traineeship position with HVTC.

Something that stood out to Brodie about her traineeship with how supported she felt with her learning and career development.

“I really liked having the extra support from HVTC during my traineeship. As much as you can get support in any junior position with a company, having that external support was at a different level. It was more personal as well,” Brodie said.

After completing her traineeship in 2017, Brodie was recognised at he HVTC Excellence Awards as the Indigenous Apprentice/Trainee of the Year.

“I enjoyed the experience, and it was great to be recognised at the Awards. I had a lot of fun on the night, and it was a very rewarding experience.”

Since completing her traineeship, Brodie has continued working with SAE Group, where she is now the Customer Service and Maintenance Manager.

“In my role, I deal with any questions or concerns from customers or clients, follow up on servicing and production inquiries and deal with insurance claims following installations. We have 23,000 customers in our database and organise 120 installations a week, so there’s always a lot going on.

“We’ve had four or five trainees come through here as well and I’ve had the chance to be a supervisor for them, so it has been really good to see their growth as well.”

Brodie said she has taken a lot from her traineeship into her current role, and is now looking to undertake further study in a degree in Business Management or Human Resources Management to further develop her knowledge and continue progressing in her career.

Brodie Quinn