HVTC Overall Host Employer of the Year: BlueScope

BlueScope is a global leader in premium branded painted and coated steel products - the third largest manufacturer of painted and coated steel products globally. The company’s Port Kembla Steelworks operation alone has an annual production capacity of 2.6 million tonnes of steel. As one of the Illawarra region’s largest employers, BlueScope have become a stalwart of the community and continually demonstrate a strong commitment to employing and training local people.

HVTC has worked with BlueScope since 1998 to produce quality apprentices and trainees across several disciplines, including Engineering Mechanical, Electrotechnology, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Fabrication, Carpentry, Plumbing, and Warehousing and Logistics. There are 93 apprentices currently hosted to BlueScope’s Wollongong and Port Kembla operations where they get to work on some of the largest industrial equipment in the country, learning the ropes from some of the best tradespeople in the business. Notably, 30 of these apprentices commenced this year, showcasing BlueScope’s forward-thinking approach toward training and skilling their future workforce. You can meet some of these apprentices here

HVTC is also proud to partner with an organisation that shares our vision for achieving greater workplace diversity. Over the last 22 years we’ve seen an upwards trend in the number of women working in non-traditional trades with BlueScope. Of the 93 current HVTC apprentices hosted to the organisation, 24 are women – which is a staggering 25%. This is a fantastic outcome and sets a benchmark for other organisations to follow.

BlueScope invests heavily in the training and development of its employees. Together, we have produced a number of high-calibre apprentices, such as Naomi Alves – our 2018 Apprentice of the Year.

BlueScope was awarded HVTC’s Overall Host Employer of the Year for 2020. Congratulations and thank you for a wonderful partnership.

HVTC Overall Host of the Year 2020