Career gamble pays off for HVTC Hunter apprentice

In 2016, Daniel Beavan took a huge gamble when he applied for an electrical apprenticeship with HVTC.

Already a qualified fitter machinist, Daniel had always been interested in the electrical trade and when the opportunity came up to pursue it, he jumped at the chance.

Having successfully completed the entire theory component of his Certificate III in Electrotechnology course at Hunter-V-Tec, as well as e-profiling requirements, the Capstone assessment and both the Certificate IV in Industrial Electronics and Certificate IV Instrumentation/Control Certificate at Hunter TAFE, the 25-year-old is set to graduate his apprenticeship within the next few months.

HVTC Regional Coordinator Karen Eveleigh said Daniel will then possess a highly sought after dual trade qualification.

“A dual trade is a fantastic achievement – one that involves a lot of patience and perseverance. It takes a lot of passion and motivation to complete one apprenticeship, let alone two. Daniel should be incredibly proud of himself,” she said.

“Having already completed a mechanical apprenticeship earlier in his career, his initiative to go back and undertake another four years of training is a testament to his character and his commitment to becoming the best tradesperson he possibly can be.

“Having a dual trade will certainly give him an edge over other candidates when applying for full-time positions at the end of his apprenticeship. It reflects his willingness to go above and beyond, both in regards to his work ethic and his personal development.

“It is Daniel’s genuine interest and enthusiasm for the work he is involved with and the application of his practical skills in the workplace that has earnt him the respect of his peers, supervisors and the management staff at Eraring Power Station.

“Daniel is a future leader. He sets the example for all apprentices to follow and I have no doubt that he will achieve great success in his career.”

Initially hosted to Donaldson Coal’s Abel mine site, Daniel applied for an apprenticeship at Origin Energy’s Eraring Power Station when the mine was placed into care and maintenance.

Origin Energy Apprentice Coordinator and Leading hand, Todd Horvat, said the additional trade qualification gave Daniel a step up over the other recruits.

“From day one you could tell Daniel was really switched on. Having already completed an apprenticeship he knew what to expect and the way he took up the electrical trade spoke volumes of his passion for the work,” Todd said.

“Daniel was always willing to dive in to any task, to learn and always look for more work. He also has an impeccable commitment to safety, which is a quality we really like.

“Daniel continually excelled in his practical work at TAFE and brought these skills to site. Towards the end of his third year we gave Daniel a lot more responsibility because we trusted he would do the work safely and efficiently.

“He is currently taking the lead on some of our major outage work and that doesn’t happen often for a fourth year apprentice. Some apprentices stand in the shadows and wait to be told what to do, whereas Daniel is more of a leader.”

Consistently impressing employers with his strong work ethic, commitment to safety and aptitude for the electrical trade, Daniel was recently recognised with a Highly Commended Award in the Apprentice of the Year category at the 2018 Hunter Manufacturing Awards. He was also a finalist in the same category at the NSW & ACT Group Training Awards.

“It was a bit of an honour to be chosen as a finalist in these Awards,” Daniel said.

“It reflects how much effort I’ve put in both at work and throughout my training."

HVTC Hunter apprentice Daniel Beavan working on site for host employer Origin Energy Eraring Power Station