Apprenticeships - A Step Towards a Successful Career

Georgie Jones has always wanted to get a trade behind him, so when he came across a Cabinet Making apprenticeship opportunity with HVTC and Resicom Joinery in late 2018, he decided to take it on. Since then, Georgie has developed a passion for the trade and was able to complete his apprenticeship in just over 3 years.

“Since leaving school, I always wanted to do a trade,” he said.

“Once I found joinery and kitchen-work, I just fell in love with it and found a passion for it, so I decided to start my journey there. It was a great pathway because, if I changed trades in the future and eventually wanted to go back to joinery, I had set myself up in that industry.”

Georgie was hosted to Resicom Joinery in Kempsey during his apprenticeship while completing his Cert III in Cabinet Making through TAFE NSW.

“When I first started in joinery, I didn’t know what I was doing, so both the RTO training and on-the-job training were really helpful. Once I wrapped my head around it all I got quite good at it and became really passionate about the trade. I was able to use everything I learnt at TAFE which was helpful.”

Through commitment to his studies and on the job aptitude, Georgie was able to complete his apprenticeship early through a Competency-Based Completion, which allowed him to then pursue another goal of his – gaining experience in the mining industry.

“When I finished my trade, I was offered a job in the mines. I had always wanted to have a crack at working in the mines, but I found the love for joinery and committed to that so I could get a trade behind me. It just worked out that this opportunity arose when I completed my apprenticeship early, so I jumped at it with both hands.

“I started the job in the mines as a dump truck driver, but now I work as what is called a ‘nipper’. My day to day involves changing bolts on machinery and helping ground support – there’s a lot of safety involved.

“I can always go back to my trade now, so it’s good to have that behind me while I’m taking on a new role and getting some experience in the mines.

“I would 100% recommend this pathway. Anyone that wanted to take on an apprenticeship in any trade, I would recommend HVTC. They were so supportive and helpful, and you can tell they want their apprentices to achieve their goals.”


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