Apprentice spotlight: Brianna Flynn

Brianna Flynn always knew she wanted to do an apprenticeship to challenge herself, but when she finished high school in 2016 she decided to do some travel before committing to any further study. Six years later, Brianna is back home in Newcastle and has taken the first steps towards realising her goal of becoming a tradie.

Brianna is half way through her first year of an electrical apprenticeship with HVTC and Host Employer, Origin. The 23 year old has spent the last six months in a Work Readiness program developed by the HVTC Group in collaboration with industry partners who recognised the value in preparing apprentices for the workforce - particularly from a safety perspective - prior to them starting on site. The Program is delivered by the Central Coast Community College (RTO 90304) at the Rutherford Skills Centre.

"Through the Work Readiness Program I've learnt a lot about safety, planning my work and learning by observing," she said.

"Attention to detail has also been crucial. For example, every piece of the piston pump I built had to be accurate and measured correctly so it all fit together. It's also important to read the technical drawings correctly for any electrical or machining components, which requires good attention to detail and precision."

Brianna is now part of the electrical team at Origin's Eraring Power Station, where she primarily deals with motors and valves, critical work in the plant and routine testing to check everything in the plant is running correctly.

"It's a big plant and is really exciting to be here - I'm loving it so far," she said.

"I'm looking forward to learning my trade and finishing my apprenticeship. In the future I'd like to move into a leading hand role and possibly project management further down the track. Long-term, I'd like to move into other areas, such as renewables. That's the reason I chose the electrical trade - because of the broad opportunities available."

Young female apprentice wears orange high vis jacket and smiles towards the camera