About Apprenticeships and Traineeships

An apprenticeship or traineeship is full-time or part-time employment that combines work and structured training. They’re a great way to learn and develop skills that will help set you up with a job and career for life.

Apprenticeships last three to four years and are generally offered in the traditional trade industries, such as building and construction, metals and engineering, electrotechnology to name just a few. Throughout the duration of the apprenticeship, training is undertaken at the HVTC Skills Centre (operated by our Registered Training Organisation partner Central Coast Community College) a TAFE or another approved RTO.

Traineeships usually last one to two years and include occupations such as business administration (admin, accounts, HR, local govt. etc), retail, hospitality and more.

You can be sure our training programs are matched to industry needs and that the training suits your potential employer’s requirements.

As an apprentice or trainee you may be rotated through different host businesses during your period of contract which gives you a better opportunity to achieve each of the competencies needed in your chosen field.

Job security

Once you gain an apprenticeship or a traineeship, if work with your host employer should run out we will rotate you to another employer to continue your chosen training field.

Major benefits

  • Gain nationally and internationally recognised qualifications
  • Earn while you learn
  • Get hands-on, practical work experience
  • Gain marketable skills that are attractive to employers
  • You may be able to finish early if you reach the required skill level sooner than expected
  • You may be able to gain recognition of existing skills

Read the Smart and Skilled job guides to get an understanding of qualifications required, what a job involves, the industries you could work in, job prospects and pay.

HVTC are committed to matching the right person with the right opportunity, no HVTC apprentice or trainee is required to pay a recruitment fee as part of their selection.


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