Apprentices and Trainees Available Now

HVTC has a number of eager, out of trade apprentices looking for a new host employer to continue their training. These apprentices are listed in the table below. 

 Trade Location   Year level  Licences Contact 
(None currently available)


We also have a pool of new entrants who have applied for previous vacancies and shown outstanding talent. These candidates come highly recommended by HVTC recruitment teams. Save yourself time and money by considering one of these enthusiastic job seekers.

Contact us for further information or to discuss a current vacancy.

Labour Hire - HVTC Employment Solutions

Permanent and temporary placements

HVTC Employment Solutions is our elite recruitment and labour hire arm providing customised employment solutions.

  • Advertising, pre-employment, recruitment
  • Inductions and records
  • WHS management
  • Accident investigation, injury and return to work management
  • Payroll management
  • Consultation, mediation and performance management

How we help

Select the right candidate for your business using TurboRecruit, a candidate-driven online application process that makes it easy to build a modest to very large, information-rich candidate database.

By coupling this approach with the world’s most sophisticated résumé search tools, TurboRecruit clients create a truly valuable database that gives a measurable return on investment.

Apply specialised psychometric testing using an innovative Health and Safety Indicator. The HSI targets various personality measures which allow health and safety risk factors to be identified early.

The testing tool measures emotionally intelligent workplace behaviours and can be delivered online as a pre-employment service or as a safety initiative for existing workers.

Manage all aspects of employment including performance management, WHS compliance, payroll processing, comprehensive induction programs including training in manual handling, bullying and harassment, drug and alcohol awareness.