How Apprenticeships and Traineeships Work

Depending on where you live, apprentices and trainees are selected and contracted to our Group Training Organisation (GTO).

After placement with a host employer (business), apprentices and trainees undertake formal training, which may be on the job but they may also be required to attend an institution where required for delivery of their formal training. This will depend on the apprenticeship and traineeship vocation being undertaken and the delivery model.

Apprentices and trainees spend the remainder of their time working with the host business, where they receive on-the-job training matched to their accredited qualification.

Our Field Officers visit each workplace on a regular basis, on average once every 12 weeks, to monitor progress, safe work practices and the on-the-job training being provided. They also manage any other issues that may arise.

We provide a full support mechanism for all our apprentices and trainees which can include mentoring on their training. We also assist with arrangements for off-the-job courses and check on progress with training providers.