WGEA Employer Statement

HVTC Group welcomes the publishing of gender pay gap information as a catalyst for real and sustainable change.

At HVTC Group we are committed to workplace gender equality for all Australians, particularly our staff, apprentices and trainees.

The data collected as part of the WGEA annual reporting process provides useful information to further inform our own Diversity and Inclusion Strategy including strategies to improve equality.

It is pleasing to see the narrowing disparity in gender representation within our primarily trades-based apprenticeships and traineeships. HVTC takes pride in our achievement of women in trades rate that exceeds the Australian national average twofold. This accomplishment is a testament to the unwavering commitment of HVTC Group and our Host Employers to fostering inclusive environments and providing meaningful career paths for all individuals.

We are also delighted to have achieved greater gender balance across our Board of Directors and increased the ratio of male to female staff members working with us to create success stories via apprenticeships and traineeships.

HVTC Group is dedicated to creating success stories with all Australians, for a better, more equal future.