Industry Organisations

National Apprentice Employment Network (NAEN)

HVTC is a proud member of the National Apprentice Employment Network, Australia's largest employer network of apprentices and trainees.

The NAEN comprises of 100 member Group Training Organisations (GTOs) across the country, employing approximately 25,000 apprentices and trainees across a variety of industries and supporting more than 100,000 Host Employers. Under this network, GTOs such as HVTC are responsible for the recruitment, employment, management, and mentoring of apprentices and trainees while they are placed with a Host Employer.

More information about the NAEN, their services and its members can be found on their website.




Apprentice Employment Network (AEN) NSW & ACT

HVTC is also a proud member of the Apprentice Employment Network NSW & ACT.

The AEN NSW & ACT form part of the national network, representing 29 member GTOs including HVTC that operate in both NSW and the ACT.

Each year, this network hosts the AEN NSW & ACT Group Training Awards, recognising the achievements of apprentices, trainees, Host Employers, and GTOs from within the network.

In 2021, HVTC was recognised as the winner of the Excellence in Group Training and Excellence in WHS awards. HVTC apprentice, Althea Kruizinga, was also named Apprentice of the Year in 2021.

More information about the AEN NSW & ACT and the network of GTOs can be find on their website.