Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why should I employ an apprentice or trainee?

A: Employing an apprentice or trainee is a smart and affordable way to manage your workforce needs, boost your business and develop skills. It’s a simple process that can be arranged and managed easily through our Group Training Organisation (GTO) that will recruit, manage and mentor apprentices and trainees.

Q: What are the main benefits to me and my business?

A: We help local business with the smart and affordable staffing they need to help their business grow. We recruit, employ and pay apprentices and trainees direct, saving host businesses time and money. You can focus on providing productive and meaningful work experience. Our more than 30 years’ experience, committed and expert staff, dedicated mentoring and support services are why our apprentices are job ready and have much higher completion rates than the industry average.

Q: What about the quality of training?

A: Our qualifications are nationally recognised, which means our apprentices and trainees can take their skills Australia-wide. HVTC’s high completion rates are well above the industry average of 50%.

Q: Who can I talk to about hiring an apprentice or trainee?

A: Our job is to make the whole process simple and easy. Please contact the HVTC regional office closest to you.


Apprentices and trainees

Q: How long is a standard apprenticeship or traineeship?

A: An apprenticeship generally goes for three to four years depending on the trade undertaken. A traineeship generally takes between 12 months to two years depending on the qualification being undertaken. It is possible, with good results and hard work, to achieve an early completion.

Q: What is a Group Training Organisation (GTO)?

A: A Group Training Organisation is a company like ours that employs apprentices and trainees and then places them with one or more host businesses to undertake their specific vocation.

Q: How much will you charge me for doing all of these things on my behalf?

A: Nothing.

Q: What is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)?

A: An RTO is an organisation that provides specific vocational education and training and/or assessment services. These include TAFE institutes, private providers, community providers, schools, higher education institutions, industry organisations and enterprises. RTOs are registered to comply with the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations. We have a RTO Skills Centre located at Rutherford (NC: 90179).

Q: If I attend RTO/TAFE one day a week will I then be paid for four days only?

A: No. You will be paid for attending RTO/TAFE provided you present your attendance card signed by your RTO/TAFE teacher to your host employer immediately after having attended RTO/TAFE.

Q: Does HVTC pay for all RTO/TAFE expenses?

A: Once each year of RTO/TAFE is successfully completed, and results have been received, we will reimburse a trainee their RTO/TAFE enrolment fee.

Q: What should I do if I am not happy in the company where I have been placed for my training?

A: Your first line of action would be to discuss the situation with the workshop manager or, if this is not possible due to breakdown in communications, contact your Field Officer or HVTC regional office.

Q: Do I have to go to TAFE or any other RTO?

A: Not necessarily, as many traineeships are conducted completely on the job.

Q: Where will I go to RTO/TAFE?

A: The course you are studying and your home location will determine which TAFE you attend. Other RTOs have their own specific training locations.

Q: Do I have to buy tools straight away?

A: Under a Federal Government initiative, some Certificate III level traineeships may receive an $800 tool voucher after the completion of the probationary period. It is advisable to check with our regional offices.


HVTC Skills Centre 

NC: 90179

Q: Can you apply for apprenticeships while doing the course?

A: Yes. You can definitely apply for apprenticeships while completing the course and it would be in your best interest to do so.

Q: What happens if I gain an apprenticeship while still doing the course?

A: This would be a great outcome and you would be more than welcome to continue your training with HVTC Skills Centre if your employer agrees. The training would then transition to an apprenticeship arrangement and your training would attract government funding, consequently reducing the fees payable.

Q: What happens if I gain an apprenticeship and my employer wants my training to be delivered through a different RTO?

A: HVTC Skills Centre will provide you with a Record of Results for the theory and practical components that you have completed and the RTO chosen will recognise these results. If you have been deemed competent in the theory and practical component a credit transfer will be awarded and you would not be required to repeat the units.

Q: If I gain an apprenticeship while halfway through one stage of the course, will I receive a rebate or refund of the fees that I have paid?

A: No. You will not receive a rebate or refund; however, if you continue to attend HVTC Skills Centre for your training under the apprenticeship arrangement your next stage fees will attract a government rebate and be significantly reduced.

Q: I really would like to enrol in a fee for service course but I cannot afford the lump sum payment?

A: Payment in full for the course is expected on the first day of training; however, if you believe that you have an exceptional circumstance you can make an appointment to speak to our RTO Manager for a confidential discussion.